Carmelized Pecans


Ever wonder how to get those delightfully crunchy tasty pecans served on your favorite restaurant salad?


In a non stick fry pan:

1/2 cup pecans

drizzle with honey

freshly ground pepper and salt

small knob of butter

Toss or stir the pecans to coat well, and continue to toss until they get glossy and darken.  Be careful to not let them cook too much – the only tricky part of this is making to sure to watch in the last few minutes so they don’t burn.

Remove from heat and turn out onto a plate.  As they cool they will harden and add some seriously good crunch to your salad.

Feel free to experiment with the sweetening agent – I have had just as good luck with using maple syrup, agave syrup or even brown sugar.  When I am looking for a spicier finish I also sprinkle with cayenne pepper while they are cooking.

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