Beach life at Chacala

Life at the beach quickly settles in a rhythmic system ….. it goes something like:


Casa Monarca, Chacala, Nayarit, Mexico  ….. Our home for 8 days and a great place for relaxation.

Wake up, make coffee and breakfast and relax

Sit beside the pool and read and relax



Go to the ocean to bob in the waves, read, maybe have a soda water and relax


This beautiful bay at Chacala is perfect for bobbing in waves, with water as warm as the air.  Sometimes the waves get a big bigger when the tide is coming in, but overall a relaxing place to swim – yep, even for me.

Head back to the pool for a refreshing dip, (pool water is cooler than the ocean), read and relax


Yes, by this time of day we are relaxing with wine …

Make guacamole and salsa to enjoy on the rooftop deck and relax


Fresh salsa and guacamole on the rooftop deck, with an incredible view of the ocean – fabulous sunsets.


Prepare and eat dinner in our well stocked kitchen


I know, you are probably thinking that blender is whipping up margaritas, but nope.  So far it has been used for salad dressing, achiote marinade for pollo pibil, and salsa roja.

Go for a post dinner walk and an ice cream bar

Come home to relax before bed

Repeat that again the next day ……

If we break out of our relax mode we might just make it to the petroglyphs and the major market in La Penita … stay tuned (I know, you are on the edge of your seats).  We have to be on the edge of our seats, it is too hot to be anywhere else, we stick.

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