San Pedro Cholula

dsc03134Once upon a time San Pedro Cholula was a city with evident boundaries … now it is hard to tell where Puebla ends and Cholula begins.  The largest pyramid (by land mass) was only discovered after the Spaniards decided to build a church on top of the best vantage point.  During construction they found artifacts suggesting previous inhabitants of the land ….. sure enough, the whole hillside is a pyramid.  The church remains, but it is now possible to go in through tunnels and come out the other side.  Interestingly enough for me, on another of my visits to this area I discovered my little brother Bruce is afraid of heights!  And this wasn’t even from a high vantage point, ha ha.  Still love you anyway Bruce.


Another beautiful cathedral in Mexico, each with their own beauty.  I seem to photograph a lot of them.

Wilson:  You take a lot of photos of churches because it is all about you.

Me:  Blank look

Wilson:  You know …… Kathy-drals …..(yes, cathedrals)  yuk yuk


No matter what church you find to photograph, you are also certain to find some sort of festivities going on.  Who knew what this one was, but they sure were loving it.


The view from the grounds around the church.  It is easy to understand why the spaniards chose this location to build on … the vantage point is incredible.  In the foreground is an ex-convent.



dsc03140The ex-convent is a beautiful spot to tour also, huge grounds and so peaceful inside.

Cholula is a short distance from Puebla itself and well worth the trip out for a few hours.  From the church grounds you also get a great view of the voladores climbing up their tall pole.


These guys fling themselves off the top of the pole, backwards and with a rope wrapped around one ankle slowly spiral all the way around the pole, lowering themselves to the ground.  Not sure what their Workers Comp rates would be, but it would never fly in Canada!


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